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Rapid Readiness
  • Businesses


    6.2 Mag Earthquake at 2:00 PM
    Do you have a continuity plan?
    How fast will you be back up and running?
    How will you provide your product or service with limited resources?
  • Churches


    Evacuate the Worship Center NOW!
    Do your volunteer ushers, greeters and safety team know what to do?
    How often do they train?
  • Homes


    Home, sweet home... on Fire!

    Does your family know what to do or where to meet after a disaster?

  • Schools


    Lock Down! Lock Down!
    How long can your students and teachers sustain in the classroom without re-supply?
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What we do

  • Develop a Mission Statement +

    Developing a disaster mission statement that helps to determine what is to be done, when and by whom is critical to the success of your disaster planning. We will help you develop and publish that statement.
  • Develop an Emergency Operations Plan +

    Make a plan that includes an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). The EOP includes but not limited to an evacuation plan, violent incidents, earthquakes, hazardous materials, bomb threats, medical emergency, tornadoes, and floods. The COOP entails ways in which our clients can be operational soon after a disaster.
  • Prepare your Leadership +

    by leading by example, and making sure they’re ready to come to take action after a disaster.
  • Exercise the plan +

    This way, gaps can be found in the plan and corrected which help the ability to plan ahead.
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